Rodents, commonly known as rats or mice are among the most widespread & disruptive pests. From homes & factories to hospitals & offices, they can be found even in the best kept premises as long as it provides them food & shelter. Apart from damage to material and furniture, rodents cause food-contamination, diseases and other health hazards.

Rodent control process

Snap traps and glue boards can be useful in situations but using poison baits can be hazardous especially in places like pharmaceutical units, food processing units, kitchens etc. This also prevents the possibility of rats dying in an inaccessible place from where it cannot be easily removed. This method is effective when the place is infested with a limited number of rodents. VAPCO uses specially designed traps which have been, by far the most effective and safe method of tapping and disposing.

Field Rats are controlled by fumigation of their burrows. Burrows are fumigated by inserting tablets of phosphine gas. The rats die and remain buried in the ground, without any problem of unpleasant odour and disposal of dead rats. Baits are also an effective method in the fields.

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