Flies breed in any decaying, rotting organic matter like garbage, filth, excreta, manure etc. Garbage dumps attracts flies for food and to lay eggs. Flies regurgitate when feeding; this habit, together with particles of refuse stuck to their bodies, leads to contamination of human food and transmission of disease and may cause other serious health hazards.

Mechanical Control

The best means of controlling flies is through ultraviolet light traps. To be effective, light traps must be properly placed where it cannot be seen from outside the building and no more than 5 feet above the floor (where most flies fly). They should also be away from competing light sources and food preparation areas. Bulbs should be changed annually.

Chemical Control

While the use of pesticides is usually not the best means of managing fly problems, sometimes chemical control can be a valuable component of an integrated fly management program. Pesticide-releasing fly strips can be placed in attics and smaller, unoccupied enclosed rooms where flies are a problem.

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