How does VAPCO guarantee its services?

At VAPCO we not only ensure that our treatment is of high quality but we also extend specific guarantees of time periods for different types of infestation and their treatment. Our service warranty also extends into months and years and it all depends on each specific case. We advise you to have a detailed discussion with our expert to find out what we have in store for you.

When would your team usually visit the premise? What are the timings and days?

We fix up prior appointments completely at your convenience and we do not disturb your schedule. We are totally at your service when you require. After our initial visit to examine the problem, our team offers on recommended timelines for the process. We will fix up the schedule too with you to finish the process.

What all preparations should I do when your team come here for the pest management?

Most of the times, our services don’t warrant any preparation from your end. Most pest management services would require you to vacate and clean and stay away from your place for times. But at VAPCO we do not put you through such hassles.

Do I need to do anything post your service?

Pest management can be offered by our experts as a solution, but we also strongly recommend that you follow certain basic guides in your lifestyle maintenance so as to avoid recurrence. These would include maintenance of basic hygiene and cleanliness and a few do’s and don’ts.

Is pest control a one-time exercise or should I keep doing it frequently?

It depends on the pest type & the infestation level. Some pest management need to be done on a regular basis whereas some can be one time. Let our team of experts advise you on the right course.

Do you provide services for all kinds of pests?

Our array of services caters to the entire gamut of pests. But the treatment is different for each type. After our initial assessment, we would recommend on the further action for them.

How much would complete pest control cost me?

VAPCO offers Total Pest Management Solutions for your space. But the charges depend upon the space, amount of infestation and a whole set of factors. Our expert service team would do an initial visit and assess the problem. We would then quote the cost based on your requirement and treatment. To assure you, we offer complete solutions at nominal fee which would only ensure that you stay with our services for a longer time.

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