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Started out as Viji Anti-Pest Co. 30 years of proven expertise. Complete protection for your habitat.

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Founded in 1980, VAPCO has over 3 decades of experience in pest management services and are leaders in the industry. We specialize in protection against common pests such as termites, rodents, and insects. Our expert team of trained professionals offer the highest level of quality services. We cater to residential and commercial spaces with different treatments. The effectiveness of our services has ensured that our clientele is strong and growing.


We employ an efficient approach that integrates management and prevention in a bid to find sustainable pest management solutions to homes and businesses, alike. The focus is on eliminating the root cause of why pests share our living and work spaces, in a step-by-step and systematic way.

1. Identify the right pest

Getting to know your pest and finding the right solution to keep them at bay, is vital. Pest species have unique habits, biology and lifecycles, which warrant unique treatment solutions. Identifying the pest is therefore the first and critical step in effective pest management.

2. Don’t Entertain Pests

Get rid of the pests that thrive in your living space. Make sure you are not providing them with food, water and shelter. This is a critical step in effective pest management continuously.

3. Keep Pests Out

Clean up food and beverages after unpacking, de-clutter surfaces and closets and make sure you fix any leaky plumbing. Let pests know they are not welcome by getting simple repair work done regularly on screens, roofs and drains.

4. Look-Out for Pests

Keep your eyes peeled for the tiniest creepy-crawly in your space. The quicker you spot it, the easier to swat it. A keen eye is one of the best monitoring systems available in effective pest management. A professional pest management service like VAPCO is another.


We look at Pest Control not just as a reactive step but as a lifelong process. It’s a system that everyone needs to put in place to ensure safer living environment.


  • We provide advice to customers on preventive initiatives and suitable methods of pest control
  • Inspect customer premises on a routine schedule and report on the status & levels of infestation.
  • Organise and undertake a programme of treatments using pest control equipment or chemicals to control and eliminate pests.
  • We provide a detailed report on the inspections, detailing the programme of treatments and chemicals used while keeping in mind human health and safety.


Over 500 satisfied customers across Chennai stand testimony to our credentials. High quality services, crafted from an effective combination of customised and generic solutions, perfected from our years of experience, minding pests is best with VAPCO.


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